Members of Council

The CHE consists of the Chairperson, appointed by the Head of State, eight members appointed by the Minister of Education and Training and two Principal Secretaries. Members are expected to perform the functions of CHE according to the highest professional standards. The selection of CHE Members is guided by the following criteria:

  • Membership shall be broadly representative of higher education system in Lesotho;
  • Members shall have deep knowledge and understanding of the higher education and research; and
  • Members shall be committed to excellence in higher education.

The following members were appointed in 2020 and shall hold office until 2025.

Dr Mohlalefi Sefika

‘Maselloane Sehlabi

Ministry of Education and Training


Adv. Napo Rantsane

Mr MangangoleTsikinyane


Mr Mofihli Mots’ets’ero

Dr Shadrack Selialia

Dr Nonkosi Tlale

Mrs Maleshoane Lekomola-Dazinge

Mr. Khiba Masiu

Dr. Litsábako Ntoi

CE & Ex-officio