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Who We Are

CHE is a statutory corporate body established by Section 4 of the Higher Education Act of 2004. The overall mandate of CHE is quality promotion, quality assurance and to advise the Minister of Education and Training.


Corporate Values


We strive for honesty, fairness and objectivity in all our dealings with institutions and other stakeholders.

Accountability and Transparency

We are committed to being fully accountable to those we serve, and strive to become transparent, tolerant, respectful, and sensitive in leading the transformation of higher education in the country

Good Corporate Governance

We dedicate ourselves to good governance by upholding such principles as responsibility, honesty, trust, openness and respect for others.

Commitment to quality Education

We are committed to promoting and fostering quality Higher Education 


We are committed to upholding and maintaining high standards of professionalism when providing services to all our clients, be they institutions, organizations or individuals

Open-mindedness and Innovation

We will be a learning organization which values the combined strength of its team as well as other points of view in pursuit of quality and creativity in education


We value the collective wisdom that emerges from sustainable and beneficial partnerships with public and private organizations both locally and internationally


We commit to being fair in our conduct to all our stakeholders and to all those affected by our operations

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