National Health Training College – Profile

National Health Training College (NHTC) 

Location:    Maseru 
Head of institution: Director General
Academic year:   Starts in July and ends in May
Number of students enrolled: 477 [2018]


National Health Training College (NHTC) is a government tertiary health training institution established by the National Health Training College Order number 2 of 1992 with, among others, the following key objectives as provided by Section 4(1) of the cited Order:

  1. To encourage and provide education in the field of health for present and future members of the health profession and to such other persons as the Board may determine; [and]
  2. To provide facilities for and undertake [relevant] research.” The Order further provides for establishment of various Boards and Committees aimed at provision of progressive scholarship as well as oversight in health education and related study areas.