National University Of Lesotho – Profile

National University Of Lesotho (NUL) 

Location: Roma
Phone Number: 52213000
Head of institution: Vice Chancellor
Academic year: Starts in July and ends in June
Total Number of students enrolled: 9 665 [2019/20]


Programmes Recognised by CHE

Certificates and Diplomas

  1. Certificate in Statistics
  2. Diploma in Adult Education
  3. Diploma in Agricultural Education
  4. Diploma in Library & Information Studies
  5. Diploma in Management
  6. Diploma in Mass Communication
  7. Diploma in Pastoral Care and Counselling
  8. Diploma in Theatre for Development
  9. Higher Diploma in Education (Primary)

Bachelor’s Degrees

  1. B.Ed. in Special Education
  2. BA in Business and Entrepreneurship
  3. BA in Pastoral Care and Counselling
  4. Bachelor of Accounting
  5. Bachelor of Arts
  6. BA in Economics
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning
  8. Bachelor of Commerce
  9. Bachelor of Education (Adult Education)
  10. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
  11. Bachelor of Education in Special Education
  12. Bachelor of Laws
  13. Bachelor of Management
  14. Bachelor of Marketing
  15. Bachelor of Nursing Science
  16. Bachelor of Science
  17. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (BSc Agric)
  18. Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology
  19. Bachelor of Science in Chemical Technology
  20. Bachelor of Science in Electronics
  21. B.Eng. in Electronics
  22. Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Midwifery
  23. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  24. Bachelor of Social Work
  25. B.Eng. Computer Systems and Networks
  26. BSc Agriculture (Crop Science)
  27. BSc Computer Science
  28. BSc in Environmental Sciences
  29. BSc in Consumer Sciences
  30. BSc in Information Systems

Post Graduate Degrees

  1. Post-graduate Diploma in Economics
  2. Master of Arts in Adult Education
  3. Master of Arts in Education
  4. Master of Arts in Development Studies
  5. Master of Arts in History
  6. Master of Arts in Political Science
  7. Master of Arts in Public Administration
  8. Master of Education
  9. Master of Education (Adult Education)
  10. Master of Science in Agriculture Extension
  11. Master of Science in Economics
  12. Master of Science in Education
  13. Master of Science in Sociology
  14. Master of Social Work