Lesotho Qualifications Framework (LQF) is disseminated (March 2020)

The Lesotho Qualifications Framework (LQF) was approved by Cabinet in June 2019 as an important policy document to regulate national qualifications and to support evaluation of foreign qualifications. The LQF is an integrated framework that covers all qualifications from primary to doctoral qualifications. It covers academic qualifications, technical and vocational qualifications, professional qualifications and short-term or part qualifications. Following its approval by Cabinet, it was officially launched by the Honourable Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Mokoto Hloaele in December 2019.

Dissemination of this document started in January 2020 through radio and TV. The media publicity was followed by a two-day workshop held for officials of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) together with those from CHE. Another workshop was convened for representatives of higher education institutions and technical and vocational institutions. These two sessions were followed by a series of four workshops from 18th – 21 February 2020 which were organized for various stakeholders including the financial sector, public, mining, security, civil society, and services sector among others.

The LQF affects everybody, members of the public need to be fully aware of it when parents or their loved ones apply to schools or tertiary institutions to check whether programmes on offer are accredited. Employers use it during recruitment of staff for checking qualifications of potential candidates, and for evaluation of those who obtained their qualifications outside the country. Schools and tertiary institutions use LQF when designing their curricula and for admission of new students.

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